Wednesday, November 4, 2009

"Theatre Is Life, Television Is Furniture"

Last night was the annual benefit for Stage Left, and what a night it was! It was at the Theatre Building, and there was delicious food and drink, a large group of people, and a wonderful roast of our own Kevin Heckman. He was our Producing Artistic Director from 2004-2008, so there was plenty of material, as well as brief parodies of the plays he directed at Stage Left. It was hilarious--especially the surprise roast from his parents. At the end, Kevin got to deliver his rebuttal, but he mostly stayed away from the chance to get back at everyone (though they all certainly deserved it) in exchange for some ruminating on why he loves theatre and how to give a live, immediate experience to more people. It included the quote from the title of this post. I found out this morning that it's apparently also on a t-shirt, but that doesn't make it less true.

So thanks to everyone at Stage Left who helped to plan and execute this fantastic evening, and I hope all of you in the blogosphere will come see our final show in the old space on Sheffield, M.E.H. Lewis' Here Where It's Safe, February 13-April 3, 2010.

(See M. E. H.? I told you I'd put you in my blog!)

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