Monday, November 2, 2009

"Mother Bear" Reading: TONIGHT! FREE!

Alright, shameless plug time.

Jayme McGhan, whose play The Fisherman I assistant directed at Stage Left in LeapFest in 2008, has written a new play, called Mother Bear. It's a sort of Western-Noir-Thriller about a salt man (an organizer) for the Teamsters trying to sign up the most notorious trucker gang in the West. But, of course, nobody is what they seem and there are many surprises in store. It's a really exciting show, with an exceptionally twisty plot, five exciting characters, and fantastic dialogue.

And it's getting a reading tonight, at the National Pastime Theater, 4139 N Broadway, in Chicago. (It's accessible from the Sheridan Red Line station or the 36 bus.) I'll be reading stage directions and leading the discussion afterwards, where you can let Jayme know what you thought to help him improve the play.

By the way, the reading also has a great cast:

Freely- Stephen Crandall
Mother- Jim Ferrell
Delia- Dana Cruz
Vera- Morgan McCabe
Bones- Justin Cagney

Jayme's a good friend and a fantastic playwright. He's only going to improve, and with any luck we'll be seeing his plays produced soon. You'd be wise to get to know his work soon.

And if you are there, stick around for the discussion say hi to me afterwards. If we haven't met, please introduce yourself--it will be a pleasure to get to know you.

See you tonight!

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