Monday, November 30, 2009

One Hand Clapping

Those who know me that I'm ambivalent about Martin McDonagh-- on the one hand I think that his dialogue is brilliant, his plots wonderfully constructed, and his ability to take and audience on a thrill ride pretty awesome, but on the other, I think that it can all be a bit facile, nearly always is mean-spirited, and frequently wonder what the point is, after all the carnage. (I also may be one of the few who find The Pillowman one of his weaker works, but I've never seen it staged.) However, I'm very excited about this.

For those who didn't follow the link, it announces the cast for his new play, A Behanding in Spokane, to be produced on Broadway in the spring. The play is his first to be set in the US (presumably Spokane, WA), and his first to debut in Broadway. The cast will include eccentric screen actor Sam Rockwell and rising stage stars Anthony Mackie and Zoe Kazan, but the real news is the fourth cast member: Christopher Walken. Yes, Christopher Walken, playing a handless man, in a world premiere Martin McDonagh play. That's just really damn cool, and has put the play way higher on the list of the things I wish I could see. And I imagine all the kids who think that Martin McDonagh is the greatest playwright ever have suffered strokes by now. I have no idea if the play will work (what does McDonagh know about the Pacific Northwest, for instance?), but I'd sure love to find out for myself.

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