Wednesday, December 30, 2009

What Play Changed Your Life?

The American Theatre Wing recently published a book called The Play That Changed My Life, interviewing 21 playwrights about the title subject. To go along with their review of the book, the New York Times asked their readers about the plays that changed their own lives. I commented (I'm #5), saying

I saw "Six Characters In Search of an Author" at Canada's Shaw Festival, and it was like the top of my head came off--I understood better than I ever had how theatre can make you question your own reality. That play's ideas have never really left me to this day.

Today, when the Times published a few of the reader comments, I'm happy to say that I was among them Maybe I'll inspire other Pirandello lovers to come forward. (Or maybe a few companies in Chicago to do some Pirandello?)

So as 2009 runs out, I'm asking you, readers, what play (or plays) changed your life, and why? Share them in the comments section. And if I don't post again before 2010, Happy New Year!


Monica said...

King Hedley II at the Penumbra Theatre in St. Paul. Until then, I had only seen light, trite, frivolous plays and that play showed me that theater could be something more and could be thought provoking, beyond the question of "Why is this director still working?"

SarahRose said...

I saw an all female production of Richard III at the Globe and it blew my mind! This was before I really thought Shakespeare was cool and had NO IDEA what I was in for when I walked into the theatre that night. The combination of watching masterful transformations, clever humor, smart storytelling, and an infectious energy in the theatre... it was a very special experience!

Tony Adams said...

TAMBOURS SUR LA DIGUE: Sous forme de pièce ancienne pour marionnettes jouée par des acteurs* at Theatre du Soleil.

I've never seen a more complete (and completely) theatrical experience. That more than anything showed me what is possible on a stage.

*"Drums on the Dam: In the Form of an Ancient Puppet Play Performed by Actors"