Monday, December 7, 2009

Fugard Chicago

Thanks to Benno for pointing this one out: TimeLine, Remy Bumppo, and Court are all producing plays by the great South African playwright Athol Fugard in the spring ('Master Harold'...And The Boys, The Island, and Sizwe Banzi Is Dead, respectively), and have decided to package the three productions together. They've created a website with information on the plays, links to the websites, and the ability to buy a pass. Impressively, the pass itself costs only $75 for admission to all three plays. Given the price ranges for individual tickets at the theatres, this is a fantastic deal--especially because from what I've been able to tell from the website, there are no date restrictions. (By my quick calculations, you could easily save over $50.)

I'm certainly going to try to see all three, either as press or a civilian. I've never gotten to see Fugard's work onstage (I've read a couple), and am really looking forward to the chance to get a perspective on one of the most important playwrights working today--not to mention one of the best.

And I particularly want this to succeed because this kind of thing is what more theatres should be doing.  As of now, the Rogers Park Flex Pass is one of the only other things like this out there. But bring on packages based on theme, author, or geography. (I'm looking at you, Theater Wit and Theatre Building Chicago.) It helps get people into the habit of theatregoing, and engages them with theatres outside of their standbys, not to mention making Chicago shows into events. So best of luck to Fugard Chicago 2010, and here's hoping you inspired imitators galore.

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