Friday, September 26, 2008

Review: Caroline, Or Change

My review of Caroline, Or Change at Court Theatre is on Centerstage here. The show looks to be turning into a real hit--the audience went wild at the opening performance and they've added a week. It's well deserved; I think it's just spectacular. I particularly regretted only having 300 words for this one--it's a show that deserves more analysis. Anyway, here's a tease:

Few words have been more abused in the past year than "change." So what better time is there for a play that explores both the need for change on a national level and its terrible cost on a personal one? If this play also engages the audience's intellect, emotions and senses, it rises from relevant viewing to essential. Tony Kushner and Jeanine Tesori's "Caroline, Or Change," currently in a stellar staging at Court Theatre, is such a production.


Blanche said...

"Change" is everywhere!
I work for a theatre in Cleveland, Ohio, that is also producing this major contribution to the American theatrical scene. Dobama Theatre has mounted "Caroline, or Change"in collaboration with Karamu House, and is filling the house with audiences eager to experience a thought provoking and mesmerizing evening.
With 17 actors and 6 musicians, this is a huge undertaking in these days of diminished financial support for the arts. Bravo to the brave and visionary artists who have taken this chance in Chicago and Cleveland!! Let's get out & support their endeavors in droves!

pashaviancritic said...

Zev, i'd like some dramaturgical info on this show, you seem to be down with Kushner's goals in creating the show (is it autobiographical? I think it is...) knowing your talents, i'd like to see the review of the production lead to a review of Kushner's process in developing the show. It'd be nice to have that, especially with your gifts in theatre history. I cant remember, how did it do in 2003 at the Tony's?
hope all is good.