Thursday, September 4, 2008


My name is Zev Valancy, and I love Chicago theatre.

I moved to Evanston in 2003 to study theatre at Northwestern, and after graduation  in 2007 I moved into Chicago itself.

I work as a critic at, and will post links to reviews there. I also work, variously, as a dramaturg, literary manager, assistant director, and  actor, and hope to do more of all of them in the future.

How did I get here? This summer, I was lucky enough to attend the National Critic Institute at the Eugene O'Neill Theatre Center, where two of the teachers were my friend Leonard Jacobs from Backstage (see his blog at and Andy Propst, of the invaluable Andy was so impressed with our writing that he offered to set up blogs for all of us. I jumped, and here we are.

On this blog you'll find links to my reviews, theatre news, and my thoughts on all things theatre-related (and maybe an occasional off-topic post). I also want to hear your thoughts, so make sure to post comments!

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Craig Sturgis said...

Your blog is posted under "Blogs" here:

Check it out. Anyone can join "Business Exchange" and post links to the "Broadway and Live Theater" topic. And/or, you can start your own topic... maybe a "Chicago Theater" topic? You can also post links to your own blog entries, which should drive additional interested people to your blog. (Which promises to be excellent, from your first entries!)

The BX is intended to be an "Aggregator" where one can go to find all sorts of material related to a topic, thus saving time for having to troll the web so much on one's own. I'd love you and your readers to check it out and help make it a useful destination for we who love live theater.