Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Only For Now

On this day of outstanding political theatre, a few bits of politics related theatre news--both connected to former President Bush. (It still feels so good to read, say, and write those words.)

--Will Ferrell's new show You're Welcome America. A Final Night with George W. Bush starts previews tonight at the Cort on Broadway. It seems to be a bit of a hybrid--not a solo show, since there are other actors, but not a conventional play either. I wonder whether audiences really want to spend up to $116.50 (not including premium seats) for even more George W. Bush and whether Ferrell, whose past few movies have not done very well, has the power to bring people in like he used to. It seems like plays with stars are how producers are trying to ride out the recession, so expect more where this came from if it does well.

--Avenue Q's final song "For Now" promises that "George Bush! Is only for now!" However, with Bush out of office, the producers decided to hold a contest for a phrase to fill that spot. A few days ago they announced four finalists that will all be tried out at various performances over the next few weeks. The finalists are "Recession," "Prop 8," "This show," and "Your mother-in-law." My personal vote is for either of the first two, though the producers indicated they might use several if none is clearly the favorite.

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AClevelandReader said...

...yeah...former President Bush....terrific!
I vote for the Recession to be added to the Avenue Q song which is, after all, rather optimistic!!